Here’s how selling on DebtTrader works

Load Your Portfolio

Load your portfolio.

Upload your portfolio with standardized templates or via a pre-mapped custom spec.  DebtTrader will let you review and edit your portfolio and  bring attention to format errors or data warnings.  Once you’re ready chose auction days and hit list.

List your portfolio

DebtTrader instantly notifies the largest nationwide network of certified buyers that your newly listed portfolio has been placed out for bids. Buyers login and review a masked pre-prepared deal packet all electronically.

Review buyers and their bids

Choosing the right buyer is more than who offered the best price. Compliance is a vital part of the review process and no one offers on demand compliance performance data like DebtTrader. Review buyer complaint ratios & complete due-diligence packets all electronically

Run pre-sale scrub

Once you have awarded your portfolio  DebtTrader allows you to remove ineligible accounts with the click of a button. Within minutes you’ll receive the results and be able to download ineligible accounts for update in your system of record.

Execute and confirm funds

Electronically execute purchase and sale contracts and seamlessly receive sale proceeds directly into your account.  Once you click the ‘Funds Received’ button the final unmasked file is released to the buyer for secure download.

Managing sold accounts

With our transaction management system, you can track, manage and recall accounts at any time with the click of a button. Whether you are submitting a consumer complaint for investigation, responding to a media request or reviewing agency concentration, DebtTrader gives you real-time control.