Debt­Trad­er® is fuel­ing a major tech­no­log­i­cal shift that strength­ens com­pli­ant and com­pet­i­tive part­ner­ships between sell­ers, buy­ers, and col­lec­tion agen­cies. This tech­nol­o­gy sim­pli­fies the sales process by min­i­miz­ing the time it takes to secure bids, com­plete due-dili­gence, secure fund­ing, and man­age post-sale requests from com­pli­ant part­ners.

Man­ag­ing sold accounts post-sale is as impor­tant as sell­ing to com­pli­ant debt buy­ers. The Debt­Trad­er® post-sale man­ag­er sim­pli­fies the process of track­ing all items in one place. Put backs, buy backs, media requests, and com­plaints can all be processed through the plat­form to ensure time­ly, accu­rate and com­plete infor­ma­tion is received to eas­i­ly man­age your accounts after sale.

The difference is clear transparency Eye Icon

Achieve true transparency

Financial experts and regulators continue to discuss the need for transparency in portfolio transactions. DebtTrader strives to create a transparent, trusted marketplace through pre-vetted, on demand buyer due diligence packets, competitive bidding, buyer complaint ratio reports, and aggregated marketplace data. process lightbulb icon

Benefit from a standard process

DebtTrader is suitable for new and experienced users. From listing a portfolio to closing the transaction, investigating consumer complaints to managing all post sale requests, our robust technology provides powerful tools to help sellers re-gain control.

DebtTrader sellers use standardized portfolio data templates and seller surveys. Sellers can also upload additional requested documents at any time during the auction. control clipboard icon

Control the sale then the post-sale

Sellers determine preferred sale terms, i.e. transaction closing date, price, recourse, reserve and auction length.  Once an auction closes, sellers review buyers by bid, term of flow, complaint ratio and can, with the click of a button, download the complete buyer due-diligence packet.

Maintain control once funds are transferred with DebtTraders Transaction Management System.  Once you close the transaction you have access to: review complaint data by group/agency with real-time dash boards, submit and investigate complaints and manage or submit post-sale requests (i.e media requests, data updates, put backs and buy backs). access thumbs up icon

Leverage free, confidential portfolio marketing

Listing with DebtTrader is free. DebtTrader charges no upfront fees; we get paid only when a portfolio transaction is complete. Applying online is quick, and issuing sellers are typically approved within one or two business days.

Once a seller has uploaded DebtTrader’s standard data template or your own pre-mapped data file, our buyer members are instantly notified of your listing, and can communicate and bid on portfolios. secure ribbon icon

Transact safely and securely

DebtTrader has robust security measures in place to maintain the safety and security of members and their data. DebtTrader’s marketplace is only open to qualified buyers that we refer to as Certified Buyers. While we subject these qualified buyers to an industry-leading and rigorous certification process, DebtTrader does not warrant or guarantee the performance or compliance of debt buyers or third-party agencies. Please see DebtTrader privacy and security section to learn more.

Employing a due diligence team to perform on site visits costs time and money. DebtTrader reduces the hassle of due diligence by automating part of the process. checkmark icon

Key Benefits

  • Achieve true transparency
  • Control your deal pipe
  • Ensure transactions are safe and secure search icon

Find more buying opportunities

DebtTrader provides investors with direct access to portfolios and debt sellers of:

  • all major asset classes
  • all credit qualities, from super prime to deep subprime
  • all portfolio sizes
  • all debt stages communicate icon

Achieve true transparency

At DebtTrader, transparency is more than just talk. We provide the information and data you need to achieve both big picture portfolio views and deep debt level analysis. DebtTrader provides:

  • Direct communication and negotiation
  • Access to standardized debt level data
  • Access to profile information about sellers
  • Access to third party valuation/scoring
  • Aggregated marketplace data star icon

Control your deal pipe

Buyers have traditionally employed large sales forces or brokers to uncover investment opportunities to grow their portfolios. While these strategies can work, they are costly and difficult to control.

DebtTrader’s advanced search features allow you to filter portfolio listings using dozens of purchase criteria. Buyers are immediately notified by email when portfolios that
match their preferences become available, and can instantly download reports to perform analysis.

With DebtTrader, you can:

  • Search portfolios based on credit quality, debt age, asset class, geography, terms, and more.
  • View detailed debt data, stratification reports, and other supporting documents before placing a bid. clock icon

Reduce due diligence time and costs

DebtTrader provides:
An online due diligence room where stipulated transaction documents are cataloged and available for download.  We are integrated with third party data providers for more efficient analysis. lock icon

Ensure transactions are safe and secure

The safety and security of DebtTrader members is paramount. Buyers transact with confidence, knowing that there are technological protections in place to ensure that our transaction process is safe and that your information is secure. Please visit the Privacy Notice section to learn more.

Search, compare and bid on debt portfolios right from your desktop.

Would you originate loans without a loan mangement platform just because you can? Why sell debt without a debt management platform?

The Old Way

An aimless search

Mass emails, referrals,  sending files to unknown buyers followed by a slow and onerous due-diligence process.


Excel spreadsheet, SFTP sites, hard docs, emails & phone calls.


No online platform results in time consuming delays, limited clarity and zero transparency.

The DebtTrader Way

A bustling marketplace

The largest network of pre-vetted and certified debt buyers nationwide. List and review bids with a click of the mouse.

Always in the cloud

Secure file storage, file transfer and sensitive data masking ensures safe passage of sensitive data.

Control at every step

DebtTrader's listing platform & transaction management system gives you control from listing, to due diligence and post sale.